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CPG Masonry Designer for iPad

The Concrete Products Group (CPG) is pleased to announce that an iOS version of the Masonry Designer program is now available on the Apple App Store.

This app will allow designers to use BIM data and accurate color renderings of our Spec-Brik, Spec-Brik Jumbo and Spec-Brik Hi-R product lines. An Android version is schedule for release soon.

The Masonry Designer App is a useful rendering and visualization program that allows designers to experiment with the full selection of CPG concrete masonry blended colors in combination with a selection of mortar colors.

The program renders three typical views of a building in each of the color blends to allow users to understand the visual impact each of the colors offers.

The iOS version of Masonry Designer is a free download in the Apple App Store. Use the term “CPG Catalog” to search for the app.