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Hi-R Unit

The Hi-R Concrete Masonry Unit is specifically designed to minimize thermal bridging and includes a factory-installed insulated insert made of expandable polystyrene.

Spec-Brik® Hi-R

The Spec-Brik® Hi-R Wall System uses SPEC-BRIK color blends in a special concrete masonry unit with individually molded insulation inserts.


Spec-Finish® is an extremely durable coated concrete masonry wall system. It provides an attractive and impermeable surface over the entire CMU wall.


Spec-Wall™ from the Concrete Products Group features the OMEGA Retaining Wall System with integral connection system that allows for speedy installation.

Hi-R H

Hi-R Unit

The Hi-R H Wall System is a specially designed concrete masonry unit and individually molded insulation insert that provide industry best thermal performance in compliance with prevailing Codes and Standards.

Spec-Brik® Jumbo

Spec-Brik® Jumbo is a nominal 8” (“full height”) version of Spec-Brik, offered in our Spec-Brik color blends to provide the beauty of flashed brick.


CPG members are committed to supplying healthy, resource efficient building materials for your Green building project. We continually seek innovative ways to reduce the environmental impacts of our products.


Spec-Brik® provides the functionality of concrete block with the aesthetic look of brick. The Spec-Brik product line offers a variety of fittings that allow for easy installation and is manufactured in a variety of color blends.

Spec-Brik® Jumbo Hi-R

Spec-Brik® Jumbo Hi-R is a new addition to the Spec-Thermal Insulated Masonry product line from CPG. This product combines the blended color aesthetics of Spec-Brik to the new Hi-R wall system.



The new Spec-Surface™ Coated Masonry System provides the best concrete masonry unit for painted surfaces.