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The Freno™ System is an innovative segmental wall and curbing system designed to easily incorporate rain gardens into urban settings.

Freno Systems help reduce run-off, improve water quality and enhance streetscapes. Freno™ is a modular precast panel system, offering superior finish, durability, and flexibility that can be installed in any weather, in a day or less.

The Freno™ system, available in multiple attractive color and finish options, is made up of three basic shapes that, much like giant Legos, can be arranged in a limitless number of configurations. Unlike a cast-in-place basin that can require weeks to build, the Freno™ system can be installed without the need for over-excavation, trench supports or formwork – and without concerns about how the weather will affect the quality of an installation.

The Freno™ system is suitable for stormwater planters, curb extensions, bio-retention areas, vegetated swales, green gutters or rain gardens and works equally well for filtration or infiltration based systems.

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Freno System Advantages:

  • A great way to accomplish recognized Best Management Practices to control stormwater runoff on any site.
  • Installed with light equipment and limited crew.
  • Modular precast concrete system installs rapidly for quality results every time.
  • Typical installation requires less than a day of construction time.
  • Vertical walls maximize stormwater storage capacity.
  • Kit of Parts design philosophy offers unlimited design flexibility.
  • Available with recycled content.

Freno Installation Video

Freno Units


5 x 25 Rectangle

Freno Specifications

N Module

S Module

S-R10 Module

S-R5 Module

S10 - 180 Degree Module

S5 - 180 Degree Module

Special Pieces


T Module

T-2 Module

T-R10 Module

T-R5 Module