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The Beauty of Brick and the Economy of Concrete Masonry!

Spec-Brik® provides the functionality of concrete block with the aesthetic look of brick.

The Spec-Brik product line offers a variety of fittings that allow for easy installation. Spec-Brik, produced in a classic rectangular brick shape, is manufactured in a variety of color blends. Its size and scale make it a fast track, cost-effective solution that generates time and cost savings for a broad range of design applications. Ideal for projects with "brick or better" requirements, Spec-Brik® is available in a range of blends and combines the proven durability and economy of concrete masonry with the rich traditional beauty of brick in a full depth structural veneer system.

Spec-Brik is the attractive and logical alternative to other concrete wall systems.

A full size 8"x16" Spec-Brik Jumbo® unit is also available; the courses fit perfectly with the standard 4"x16" Spec-Brik for added design flexibility.

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Spec-Brik® Benefits:

  • Now featuring Water Control Technology.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Mold and fire resistant.
  • Smooth, brick like textures.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Produced locally, readily available.

Spec-Brik Colors

Hover over each thumbnail for a closer look. Click to view a full-size image. Note: To view all of Spec-Brik’s 12 standard colors in combination with a variety of mortar colors, please download CPG Masonry Designer


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