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Spec-Brik® Jumbo is a nominal 8” (“full height”) version of Spec-Brik®, offered in our Spec-Brik color blends to provide the beauty of flashed brick.

This product is ideal for single wythe construction where both exterior and interior wall appearance is important. Spec-Brik® Jumbo combines with 4” Spec-Brik to provide column or band accents with contrasting scale and can be used with 8” architectural masonry units for contrasting colors or textures.

Spec-Brik® Jumbo is often used as a more economical wall assembly for side and rear walls when 4” Spec-Brik is used on the entry wall.

Spec-Brik Jumbo is also available with Korfil Hi-R®-Beauty and Thermal Performance

The Hi-R Wall System from Concrete Block Insulating Systems, Inc. is a specially designed concrete masonry unit and individually molded insulation insert. The block and the insulation are combined at the block manufacturing plant prior to delivery to the job site. The assembly provides a wall system capable of achieving higher thermal R-values than conventional masonry, with no effect on the structural integrity of masonry construction.

WATER CONTROL TECHNOLOGY™ built in for superior resistance to moisture penetration!

Water Control Technology (“WCT”) is an innovative patented masonry unit design that resists moisture penetration by diverting water downward into the wall’s drainage system. WCT combines masonry units that have drainage zones and integral water repellent, mortar with integral water repellent, breathable sealers and drainage, weeps and flashing detailing to provide a “belt and suspenders” approach to moisture control.

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Spec-Brik Jumbo Gallery

Spec-Brik® Jumbo Benefits:

  • 12 Beautiful Color Blends plus custom options
  • The efficiency of modern single wythe masonry construction
  • Available with Water Control Technology (WCT) for superior moisture penetration resistance
  • Also available with pre-insulated Korfil Hi-R design for energy efficiency

Spec-Brik Jumbo Colors

Hover over each thumbnail for a closer look. Click to view a full-size image. Note: To view all of Spec-Brik’s 12 standard colors in combination with a variety of mortar colors, please download CPG Masonry Designer


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