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The Beauty of Spec-Brik...Now With Korfil Hi-R Insulation

The SPEC-BRIK Hi-R Wall System uses SPEC-BRIK color blends in a special concrete masonry unit with individually molded insulation inserts to provide the best concrete masonry thermal performance to assist in meeting prevailing Codes and Standards.

The SPEC-BRIK Hi-R Masonry Unit has been designed to provide reduced thermal bridging. The assembly provides a wall system capable of achieving higher thermal R-values than conventional masonry, while providing full Code-compliant load resistance.

Insulation Inserts

Hi-R Inserts are made by Concrete Block Insulating Systems, Inc. from flame-retardant treated expandable polystyrene. Like all foamed plastics, good fire procedures must be followed during storage and installation. Inserts give off no toxic products of combustion, except carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, concentrations of which are far less than those given off by equal volumes of more dense building construction products. Expandable polystyrene contains no fluorocarbons and no formaldehyde.

Masonry Units

SPEC-BRIK Hi-R Masonry Units from the Concrete Products Group are available in precision faced unit sizes in nominal 10” (check for local availability) and 12" widths with nominal 4 inch x 16 inch face dimensions. Spec-Brik Jumbo Units are available in nominal 10” or 12” widths with nominal 8” x 16” face dimensions.

Applicable Standards

  • ASTM C 578, Type X, replacing Federal Specifications HH-I-524C. Specification for Rigid Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation.
  • ASTM C 90 Standard Specification for Load-bearing Concrete Masonry Units.

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R-Value and U-Factor Comparison 12” Thick Units

Density of Block 12x4x16
Conventional Masonry (ungrouted)
Spec-Brik Hi-R (ungrouted)
Conventional Masonry (ungrouted)
Spec-Brik Hi-R (ungrouted)
- R-Value R-Value U-Factor U-Factor
95 2.4 12.99 0.41 0.08
105 2.3 11.97 0.43 0.08
115 2.2 10.98 0.46 0.09
125 2.1 10.03 0.48 0.10
135 2.0 9.14 0.50 0.11

Spec-Brik® Hi-R Benefits:

  • The beauty of flashed brick with the thermal performance of Korfil Hi-R
  • Offered in all 12 Spec-Brik color blends plus custom options
  • Factory pre-installed insulation provides guaranteed consistent insulation value
  • Permits full grout and reinforcement of wall without removing insulation
  • Provides Moisture Protection of a Barrier Wall
  • Available in half-high (nominal 4”) and Jumbo (nominal 8”) heights

Spec-Brik Hi-R Units

Spec Brik H-R is available in 10” (check for local availability) and 12” sizes to meet a variety of project requirements. Hover over each thumbnail for a closer look. Click to view a full-size image.


Spec-Brik® Hi-R Brochure

Spec-Brik Hi-R Colors

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