Best Buy

Best Buy

The developers opted to use a Spec-Brik to achieve the look of brick since it was most cost effective.

In addition, detailing the wall was much easier since Spec-Brik is concrete product and it was laid with bands of ground face block. Any designer knows detailing block and brick in the same wythe is tricky since one grows and one shrinks. Spec-Brik made this project easy to detail and construct.

Product Advantages:
  • Popular brick shape
  • Custom Integral color
  • Requires no finishing on exterior or interior surfaces
  • Serves as load bearing wall
  • Cuts construction time
  • Reduces life time operating cost
  • Location: Parker, CO
  • Product Type: Spec-Brik®
  • Producer: Basalite
  • Architect/Engineer: SEM, Denver, CO
  • Masonry Contractor: Berich Masonry, Denver, CO

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