Safeway, Pt. Fosdick

Safeway, Pt. Fosdick

This neighborhood Safeway grocery store located in the Point Fosdick Square development features 63,700-square-feet of shopping space and relies on Spec-Brik to give the property an upscale appearance.

Product Advantages:

  • Spec-Brik helped the project to stay on budget
  • Popular brick shape
  • Custom Integral color
  • Requires no finishing on exterior or interior surfaces
  • Serves as load bearing wall
  • Minimizes number of construction products needed
  • Cuts construction time
  • Reduces life time operating cost
  • Location: Gig Harbor, WA
  • Product Type: Spec-Brik®
  • Producer: Basalite
  • Client: Safeway, Pt. Fosdick
  • Architect/Engineer: Mulvanny G2
  • Builder: Tilton Pacific, GC

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