Korfil Hi-R H: High Performance
Pre-Insulated Masonry Walls.

The Two-Piece CBIS Korfil Hi-R H inserts form a lap joint with adjacent inserts,
both above and below and from side to side, for maximum insulation efficiency.
The Hi-R H® Wall System is a specially designed concrete masonry unit and individually molded insulation insert that provide industry best thermal performance in compliance with prevailing Codes and Standards.

The Hi-R H Masonry Unit has been designed to provide reduced thermal bridging even more than prior Hi-R designs. The block and the insulation are combined at the block manufacturing plant prior to delivery to the job site. The assembly provides a wall system capable of achieving higher thermal R-values than conventional masonry, while providing full Code-based load resistance. A Structural Design Guide is available upon request. Insulation


  • New Design with Reduced Thermal Bridging for Enhanced Thermal Resistance
  • Capable of meeting IECC R-Value or U-Factor Thresholds in all Climate Zones
  • Permits full grout and reinforcement of wall without removing insulation
  • Insulation System provides Enhanced Moisture Protection of a Barrier Wall
  • Work by other trades is performed with little danger of damage to insulation
The Hi-R H Wall System allows the construction of single wythe masonry walls that meet the stringent R-Value requirements of the 2015 IECC in all climate zones


  • Hi-R H Brochure
  • Spec-Thermal Family
  • Design Notes
  • Video Series

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