Spec-Finish® is the cost-effective high-performance coated masonry wall system.

Spec-Finish® Coated Masonry is the perfect solution for settings where a smooth, durable and easily cleaned wall surface is required. Great for rooms with strict sanitory requirements such as pharmaceutical clean rooms, food processing plants, food preparation areas, research/biosafety labs, veterinary facilities, vivariums or hospitals.

Spec-Finish is also appropriate for high-traffic public facilities including stadiums, arenas, schools, dormitories, lavatories, gyms and indoor swimming facilties. Spec-Finish combines special smooth textured Spec-Surface™ block from the Concrete Products Group with high performance coatings from Tnemec. The result is a coated wall system that is economical, water and chemical resistant, durable and easily cleaned.

Spec-Finish walls are made using Spec-Surface™ block, which is made with a pre-conditioner and special mix design to produce a tight and smooth finish texture, reducing the amount of block filler coats required.

Four chemical-resistant, high-performance finish levels to meet a variety of aesthetic and performance requirements.

Orange Peel Block Finish

(Style I)
Pin-Hole Free Surface for greater cleanability

Smooth Block Finish

(Style II)
Pin-Hole Free Surface with Smooth Finish

Smooth Block Finish

(Style III)
Pin-Hole Free Surface with Minimal Joint Appearance and Highly Durable Fiberglass Reinforcement

Spec-Finish: A value-engineered
alternative to tile and glazed block.


  • Excellent specifiable performance -- four performance levels available
  • National availability via CPG member companies.
  • Provides an impermeable surface over the entire CMU wall, including mortar joint protection
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Customized colors to meet your project requirements

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To order call 1-800-789-0872

To order, call 800-789-0872

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