Spec-Thermal® is a family of
pre-insulated masonry wall systems offering design flexibility and
cost-effective high performance.

The Spec-Thermal® pre-insulated wall systems provide the benefits of integrally insulated single wythe masonry including durable and aesthetically pleasing masonry surfaces both inside and out, while meeting stringent Energy Code requirements.

These wall systems provide the enhanced moisture protection of a barrier wall in a variety of colors and finishes, including half-high blended colors with the aesthetics of brick. All Spec-Thermal Insulated Masonry products meet code requirements; continous insulation is not required due to the U-Factor compliance methods.

Korfil Hi-R

The Hi-R Concrete Masonry Unit is specifically designed to minimize thermal bridging and includes a factory-installed insulated insert made of expandable polystyrene.

Korfil Hi-R H

The Hi-R H Wall System is a specially designed concrete masonry unit and individually molded insulation insert that provide industry best thermal performance in compliance with prevailing Codes and Standards.

Spec-Brik Hi-R

The Spec-Brik® Hi-R Wall System combines the SPEC-BRIK color blends with the thermal performance of the Korfil Hi-R. Available in 4" or 8" (Jumbo) nominal heights.

Spec-Thermal: High Performance
Pre-Insulated Masonry Walls


  • Typical R-Values are typically up 5 times greater than that of conventional masonry of comparable density.
  • Internal insulation inserts allow double exposed masonry for durability.
  • Walls may be fully or partially grouted without removing insulation inserts.
  • Available in both full and half heights, and in full range of Spec-Brik color blends.

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