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The Concrete Products Group (CPG) offers a variety of courses addressing important design and construction considerations regarding masonry and precast concrete.

Current Registered Course Offerings:

Course Description Type Units
Best Practices for Basement Detailing and Construction This course focuses on the proper design and construction of basements using concrete masonry units. LU 1
Detailing Single Wythe Concrete Masonry Buildings: Keys to Success This course discusses the keys to successfully designing details for single wythe concrete masonry buildings, with a focus on moisture control, energy conservation, structural performance and aesthetic opportunities. LU|HSW 1
Masonry and Energy Codes and Standards Understanding Energy Concepts impacted by the use of Concrete Masonry, including learning the Thermal Properties of Concrete Masonry. LU|HSW 1
Masonry Detailing and Specifications for Problem Free Projects This course focuses on how to use and apply specification language and proper construction details to create successful projects that meet the designer's and owner's expectations for color, general appearance, and moisture penetration resistance. LU|HSW 1
Pre-Insulated Concrete Masonry What is pre-insulated concrete masonry and its benefits related to thermal performance. A comparative review of other insulating wall options. Code and terminology review. LU|HSW 1
Next Generation Concrete Masonry Shapes and their Impact on Wall Design & Performance This program introduces the next generation of concrete masonry units allowed by recent updates to the ASTM standard governing load-bearing Concrete Masonry Units, including discussion of the cost and structural efficiency and energy conservation benefits of these new designs. LU|HSW 1
Energy Efficiency with Concrete Masonry Understanding Energy Concepts impacted by the use of Concrete Masonry, including learning the Thermal Properties of Concrete Masonry. LU|HSW 1
Proper Concrete Masonry Construction Techniques: Hands On Training Participants will build key elements of a concrete masonry wall assembly to learn how to properly execute construction details that assure structural safety, moisture control, energy efficiency and attainment of aesthetic standards. This is a learning by doing, hands on course in masonry construction techniques. Note: Special scheduling considerations apply as this course requires a setting where masonry detailing and construction techniques can be demonstrated and practiced. Your instructor can advise on minimum group size. LU|HSW 2
Single Wythe Concrete Brick Construction New approaches to single-wythe masonry construction using concrete brick has decidedly greater economic advantages than multi-wythe systems when feasible. LU 1
Stormwater Management with Modular Rain Gardens This course discusses the use of pre-cast modular rain gardens as a stormwater best management practice and LEED strategy. The course explains how modular rain gardens function, the design considerations and options that are available, and construction techniques and advantages. LU|HSW 1
Overview of Concrete Masonry Units and ASTM C90 This course provides a general understanding of Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) production, what's in a CMU, and what aesthetic options are available, including what ASTM C-90 covers, density related properties of CMUs, and how compressive strength is evaluated. In addition, the course discusses the thermal properties of CMU and how to achieve compliance with the IECC using CMU. LU|HSW 1

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