We are dedicated to providing consistent, top-quality products to regional and national customers.

The Concrete Products Group, backed by regional market leaders in the concrete products industry, is uniquely situated to serve the needs of our customers no matter where their project may be located. Our 14 independently owned member companies are recognized as leading companies in their regions, with long-standing relationships in the local development, design and construction communities.


Spec-Brik® provides architects, developers and contractors with a cost-effective convenient masonry option that's typically 20-30% less expensive than comparable systems.

Spec-Brik® Jumbo

Spec-Brik® Jumbo is a nominal 8” (“full height”) version of Spec-Brik, offered in our Spec-Brik color blends to provide the beauty of flashed brick.


The Spec-Thermal™ Insulated Masonry line from The Concrete Products Group is capable of meeting IECC R-Value or U-Factor thersholds in all climate zones. This product line includes Korfil Hi-R®, Korfil Hi-R H, and Spec-Brik® Hi-R.

Spec-Brik® Hi-R

The Spec-Brik® Hi-R Wall System brings the beauty of Spec-Brik's 12 color blends to half-high Hi-R units with individually molded insulation inserts. The assembly provides a wall system capable of achieving higher thermal R-values than conventional masonry.


Spec-Split™ offers the rich textures of architectural split face block in 12 standard colors available nationally.


Spec-Finish® Coated Masonry is the perfect solution for settings where a smooth, durable and easily cleaned wall surface is required. Great for rooms with strict sanitory requirements such as pharmaceutical clean rooms, food processing plants, food preparation areas, research/biosafety labs, veterinary facilities, vivariums or hospitals.


Spec-Surface™ block is made with a specialized mix design to produce a tight, smooth finished texture. The result is a unit that is less porous than traditional concrete masonry and requires fewer coats of paint and filler to acheive great results.

Polished & Textured

The distinctive appeal of these finishes results from revealing the beauty of natural stone through a multi-stage polishing process. CPG producers use superior colored aggregates and new state-of-the-art polishing machines to expose and buff the aggregates of the concrete masonry unit.


The Spec-Pave™ system creates a permeable surface for rapid infiltration and storage of storm water, facilitating effective stormwater management. Spec-Pave™ is both ADA compliant and has 10% open surface area for rapid infiltration of storm water.


Spec-Wall™ from the Concrete Products Group features the OMEGA Retaining Wall System and is available in straight or 3-way faces. These lightweight and durable units are easy to handle and a great way to ensure consistent labor productivity.

Freno™ System

Freno Systems help reduce run-off, improve water quality and enhance streetscapes. Freno™ is a modular precast panel system, offering superior finish, durability, and flexibility that can be installed in any weather, in a day or less.

Abri™ Veneers

Attractive new architectural concrete masonry veneers are coming soon!

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The Concrete Products Group LLC (CPG) consists of regional market leaders in the concrete products industry. The CPG is organized to provide consistent, top-quality products to regional and national customers.


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